by Takako Irifune

[Photographer: Marco Merciai (web site)]

Takako Irifune

Jotif Designer

She was born and raised in Japan.
She has been surrounded by pearls and jewelry under the influence of her mother.

After graduation from Department of jewelry design in LAO Florence, she had a lot of experiences in Amman, Dubai and Tokyo. Now she is working as a freelance jewelry designer and owns her brand Jotif.
Here you can find the part of her archive as a jewelry designer.

" Ogni gioiello della nostra collezione è realizzato a mano a Firenze e forgiato da abili mani artigianale.
Il nostro auspicio è che ogni nostro gioiello possa portare gioia e felicità nelle Vostre vite. "






From her article

Jewelry is bonding and identifies us.

It takes thousands and thousands of years for a stone to from.
Every single stone has its own story from a long time ago, even before we were born.
Every stone is unique and one of a kind.
Every stone has a different design than brings it to life.
My work begins with taking good care of stones that are delicately raised by our Great Mother Earth.

My decision to become a designer is strongly influenced by memories of my mother.
Since I was a little girl, she gave me pearls and other jewelry as a gift for my birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.
Therefore everytime I wear jewelry it reminds me her smile and words towards me.
Yes, jewelry truly bonds us to one another.

As I said earlier, every single stone is in need of its own different design.
Even the rings I make have a unique design in which a part of the ring is movable because I wont its owner to be able to communicate with the jewelry all the time.
The jewelry that only you can share anytime, the jewelry is you.
Jewelry is Identity.